10 Captivating Himachal Tourist Destinations

Planning for a trip to the beautiful Himachal? Himachal is located on foothill of wonderful Himalayas. Its beauty is irreplaceable, which is like a heaven on earth. The water in both Indus River and the Ganges is received from the Himachal Pradesh. The language spoken widely in the Himachal Pradesh is generally Hindi.

Himachal Pradesh is known as the most visited places in India, where people from different parts of India, come for family vacation, trekking, summer holidays, and adventure sports such as river rafting and para-gliding. It is also known as the best honeymoon place in the north side of India. Himachal has an array of many beautiful hill stations, that is covered with greenery, encircled by rivers, surrounded with beautiful lofty valleys, and this view overall, gets engraved in the memory for lifetime.

Himachal Pradesh is surrounded on the south by Haryana and Uttarakhand, on the north by Jammu and Kashmir, and on the west is Punjab. So if you are taking a long break, then these places could be visited as well, alongside. In this post, you will be reading upon several tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh, which are a must visit.

  1. Manali

This is the place for all those who are adventure freaks.Manali has a lot to offer to the lovely visitors. The snow covered mountains, greenery, forests, and alpine scenery, is what makes it an ideal destination for the tourists to indulge themselves in amazing adventurous sports. The most places visited in Manali are Gulaba Camp, Solang Valley, Rahala Falls, Hidimba Devi Mandir, and Malana Valley. The ideal time to visit this beautiful place is between September and December, and between February and April.

  1. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is the hub for all the snow lovers and adventure lovers. It offers you with the most spectacular view. It is an amazing place to get yourself indulged in the adventure sports such as zorbing, trekking, mountain biking, skiing, paragliding, etc. It is nature’s most pristine, venturous, and bewitching pass of heavenly Himalayas. Along with the serene Beas, Chandra River, and snow covered mountains, there are many other scenic attractions such as Nehru Kund, Kothi, Gulaba, Solang Valley, Rani Nala, Rahala Waterfalls, and Mahri. Rohtang Pass opens during May and stays closed after September due to heavy snowfall.

  1. Shimla

If you are planning a trip to Himachal, then Shimla must be included in the package for sure. It is the most popular destination for honeymoon couples. It is the most visited destination, which is covered with snow covered mountains, rivers, waterfalls, greenery, etc. Popular places to visit here are Chadwick Falls, Jakhu Temple, The Ridge, and The Mall. The ideal time to visit could be anytime of the year, but the most is visited between December and February, as there is snowfall during this time, which tends to attract the newly married couple a lot. For Delhi people, this is known as the common weekend getaway, during summer time.

  1. Kasauli

The Manki Point in Kasauli is known to be the highest point, where there is Hanuman Temple. Kasauli is the best place to relax and soothe yourself in the picturesque beauty. The weather here is simply beautiful, with summers being pleasant, winter having occasional snowfall, and monsoons being surrounded with playful clouds, making it a misty and charming surrounding. So just leave all the tension and stress behind by visiting this beautiful place. This place is open throughout the year.

  1. Kufri

Looking for that picture perfect hill station? Then visit Kufri, the place which is covered with snow all around, and is very nearby to Shimla. You can indulge into various adventure activities such as skiing, trekking, tobogganing, etc. Many aren’t known much with this place, when they visit Himachal, but if you are snow lover, and love skiing, then this is the place for you. The best time to visit this place is from December to February, specifically for skiing; otherwise it can be visited anytime of the year.

  1. Dharamshala

When you think of Himachal Pradesh, you cannot miss out on Dharamshala. It is a very popular hill station, as well as a pilgrimage destination. It is a place for all the nature lovers, photographers, and camping enthusiasts. It is like being in a unique world that is inspired by Buddhism and Dalai Lama. The ideal time to visit here is during January and May, and October and December.

  1. McLeod Ganj

This is one of the most visited hill station as well in Himachal. It attracts many tourists from different parts of India, to see its scenic beauty. It is situated in Kangra district. The culture here is rich with different handicrafts and monasteries. For adventure lovers as well, this is one of the best places, where you can opt for trekking and hiking, alongside Kareri Lake, Lam Dal, and IndrahaarPaas.

  1. Kullu

Kullu is the perfect and picturesque hill station in Himachal Pradesh, which attracts many tourists from all around India. It is a great place for skiing, trekking, and hiking. There are also many of the religious attractions here such as Raghunath Temple, Jagannathi Devi Mandir, BijliMahadev, etc.

  1. Dalhousie

The oldest of all hill stations, not only in Himachal Pradesh, but in India! It is full of enjoyment and charm. Every year, people from all across India, come here to camp in a group with all being strangers, who end up being good friends. It is also a best place for honeymoon for which the most preferred time is during winters. In May, many come to get away from hot summers.

  1. Kinnaur

Another beautiful place in Himachal Pradesh is Kinnaur, with the cold desert peaks, orchards, and green valleys. Kinnaur is also famous for peaches, almonds, and apples. This place is great for water sport lovers and other adventurous activities. It is 250 kilometres away from Shimla.

There are many Himachal tour packages which you can opt for, as a package consists of professional guidance, good travel options, best locations and accommodations, at a very reasonable price.

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