Saving at Home for Spending Away

My wife is a fanatic about saving money.  She enjoys it so much she pouts when buying something at retail list prices.  She’d rather shop at “slightly-used” dealers, local street vendors, and thrift shops.  She goes down the aisles picking through every item like a student in a library.  And her face glows with pleasure when she feels she’s found the perfect deal or picked up something that might cost a week’s salary retail.  Of course, she starts pouting all over again when I comment that she spent money she might never take out of her pocket were it not for the “once in a lifetime” deals she encounters every week at these favorite places of hers.  I thus learned not to comment at all except on those occasions when it might affect the well-being of the entire household.

My wife is also a charter member of eBay.  She introduced me to it, because she was amazed when I told her I was purchasing items at list prices at boutiques downtown.  She insisted that we search for items together on eBay, and use a Groupon promo code or coupon when purchasing some items.  That is how we purchased my piano, which I must confess I adore.  Actually she bought it to surprise me as a present.  We looked over the listing on eBay and I identified one that I thought was a great deal.  I promptly forgot about it as we went through the regular activities of the summer.  So when it was delivered to our house on my birthday I was shocked speechless.  She was so tickled by my surprise that I thought she’d never stop smiling.  And I was afraid that I might sound bad so I didn’t try to play it seriously for nearly a week.

Our latest venture took place when we used some Groupon coupons to make a trip to a vacation site in historic Virginia.  We spent an evening on Virginia Beach at a place we’d found on eBay where we watched the moon rise over the ocean.  Nothing was more romantic than seeing her smile while gazing at the ocean.  It made those trips through those boutiques worthwhile, particularly when we used the money we saved to travel to places we both enjoy.

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