Top Things to Do in Barbados

Located in the Caribbean’s Lesser Antilles is Barbados. Famous around the world for being a tropical paradise and having strong British cultural and traditional roots, Barbados attracts millions of tourists each year. There are hundreds of barbados rental homes to choose from around the island. Favourite activities include relaxing on the beaches, visiting botanical gardens and exploring hidden caverns. Here are some of the top places to visit on your holiday.


The charming village of Bathsheba is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Barbados. Bathsheba Beach is a hotspot for photographers and surfers as well as those looking to catch a few rays. Just remember, strong undercurrents can be dangerous for swimmers.  Both the Flower Forests and Andromeda Tropical Botanic Gardens are nearby.

Crane Beach

Crane Beach is known for its pink-coloured coral sand. The beach was once a harbour for boats as the cargo was unloaded. Today, it’s a favourite beach in Barbados and gets crowded with locals, tourists, and visitors from the cruise ships. If you’re staying near Carlisle Bay and into diving, there are several sunken ships just off the coast.

Diving & Snorkelling in Folkestone Marine Park

Folkestone Marine Park is by far the best place for diving enthusiasts in Barbados welcoming divers and snorkelers of all abilities. However, only experienced divers should attempt to dive down to the shipwreck. Snorkelers can enjoy the underwater trail surrounded by coral reef and shoals of fish. It’s also possible to rent a boat in Holetown and explore the marine life there too.

Hunte’s Garden

Famous horticulturist Anthony Hunte crafted the garden covering several acres of beautiful tropical plants along the slopes of Saint Joseph Parish. A number of paths lead into a gully where you’ll see green terraces rising up the hill over different levels. Some of Barbados’s most beautiful plants are inside including orchids, crotons and papyrus. Strategically placed benches allow tourists to relax and make the most of the time inside the garden.

Harrison’s Cave Tour

Harrison’s Cave is a crystallised limestone tunnel with waterfalls, streams, deep pools and cascades. An educational film instructs you on the facts and safety features before the tour begins. After this, you’ll get onto an electric tram taking you through the caves to the waterfall. The cascading waters, beautiful stalagmites and stalactites light up to create a mystical setting.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife reserve is opposite Farley Hill. The dark route lead through a mahogany forest where you can see tortoises, deer, iguanas, agoutis as well as a vast number of tropical birds. If you love nature, this is the best place to spend the afternoon with your camera trying to capture the animals in their natural habitat. As you progress along the route, you’ll find wild monkeys imported from Africa and several types of orchids blossoming around the trails.

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey was once covered by a vast sugar cane plantation and a small refinery. The attractive gardens today are well maintained and encircle the old windmill and farm buildings. If you get the chance to explore the ground floor, you’ll see a beautiful collection of cane and mahogany furniture.

Flower Forest

Flower Forest offers beautiful panoramas from the hills of Barbados covering 53 acres of land with tropical flora and quiet forests. Stroll along a loop of trails through the dense greenery while admiring the beautiful palm trees and colourful orchids. It’s quite easy to spend a few hours inside the Flower Forest.

Gun Hill Signal Station

For the best views of Barbados, hike up to the Gun Hill Signal Station. At the top, expect a panoramic of the entire island making an ideal spot to snap a few photographs. A sculpture of lion carved by a British soldier in the 19th century adorns the top. This is a popular place to see the sunrise if you’re able to wake up early enough.

Mount Gay Visitor Experience

Mount Gay produces the best rum in Barbados and according to the local Bajans, the number one drink in the Caribbean. Take a trip to the distillery to learn about its craft, history and the heritage of the local rum.

Welchman Hall Gully

After a series of caves collapsed, Welchman Hall Gully formed. Today, there’s a wide variety of plant diversity with more than 200 types of tropical flora. Monkeys roam the grounds, and if you’re lucky, you might just see a family walk past.

Sunbury Plantation Tour

Sunbury Plantation is beautifully decorated with Victorian antiques and gives you an authentic feel of Barbados’s colonial history. The island’s first mahogany and teak trees planted on the island in 1799 still exist inside the grounds. Enjoy the collection of antique furniture and get a guide to learn more about the plantation and domestic life.

Barbados Museum of Parliament & National Heroes Gallery

The Barbados Museum of Parliament & National Heroes Gallery exhibits displays about the development of democracy in Barbados. Both the museum and the gallery have a combination of art, and traditional display to present the story and is a must for anyone with an interest in local history.

The Best Places to Visit in Barbados

There’s a good reason why Barbados is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean. Not only does the island have endless beaches but it’s also a tropical paradise rich in traditions and heritage. Enjoy the outdoors and gardens, go snorkelling in the warm Caribbean Sea and hit a few museums for the full experience.

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