Where  to Go in Mesa Island and Other Islands around the National Park

Indonesia always becomes special place for holiday. This country has large area and there are many islands. From west to the east, there are various islands with many exotic tourism destinations. Many destinations with many kinds of great views are possible to find. Among those destinations, there is Mesa Island. This island is located in the area of eastern Indonesia, specifically in the area of Flores. To reach the island, Labuan Bajo is the best spot to get the boat for sailing. The location of this island is special since this is located between the famous Komodo Islands and Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo will become the gate to enter the exotic views offered by the Komodo National Park and also the Mesa Island. Of course, there are also some destinations of Where  to go in Mesa Island. Visiting the island can be in holiday package, so people can spend several days to explore the Mesa Island and the whole national park.

Talking about Where  to go in Mesa Island, there may be no special tourism spots to find in Mesa Island. However, it does not mean that this island is not worthy to visit. In fact, the island provides different kind of exploration. This is related to the status of this island as the village of traditional fishing. The whole island becomes the fishing village. The local people also has special culture and it makes them called as sea gypsies. They make the sea as another home and this is why they adapt well with the sea. This can be seen from the house construction. There are houses built near the water and they are built several feet from the water surface. This house construction become part of culture and that is why most of the house are made with the same construction. The great hospitality of local people make it comfortable to explore the whole island. Even, when tourists want to go fishing with the fishermen, it is possible to do. This can be special experience related to Where  to go in Mesa Island.

Of course, it is not only about Where to go in Mesa Island. There are still Komodo Islands to visit. The large Komodo National Park will be the next things to go and explore. This national park is special national park in Indonesia, even in the earth. This has become one of the world heritage site by UNESCO. This is because the national park is the only natural habitat of the Komodo dragon. This is a big lizards that have live for hundred, even thousand, years. The animal survive from the natural selection and extinction, so they become the prehistoric lizard that still live up to now. This makes exploring the national park more special. It can be more special when tourists can get chance to see the prehistoric lizard hunting.  After exhausted exploring the national park, there are some beautiful beaches to visit. There are beautiful views of the beach. Even, diving and snorkeling can be done and the stunning view of marine life will provide special experience. Because of the well-kept nature, there are beautiful underwater life to explore.

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